Perfect score reward card for exclusive use of Kawasaki market


Perfect score reward card POINT CARD for exclusive use of Kawasaki market

About the perfect score reward card service use

  • Perfect score reward card becomes the handling only for Kawasaki mowers basement the second floor.
  • In the case of purchase, please show perfect score reward card with product. We print 1 point every one purchase 100 yen (tax-excluded).
  • Petal becomes two pieces at 2 points, and one piece of petal becomes one flower at 5 points at 1 point.
    Five points of flowers become 500 points of perfect score in 100 marks.1 point → 2 points → 3 points → 4 points → 5 points
  • 1 mark is printed every 500 yen (tax-excluded) and becomes perfect score in 100 marks. It is assumed that it becomes perfect score with meal ticket shopping for 500 yen
    You can use teo. Please note that change does not appear.
  • The use as meal ticket is one year (until the day before of issue date of the next year) including issue date more shopping of point together on expiration date.
    We are printed on the left of card on expiration date.
  • There is store which we cannot use as meal ticket store and purchase which handle partly, and are not done. In addition, offer points may be different.
  • We cannot add up several points.
  • We change reward card service without notice and may abolish.