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Gain the favor of most business in one and, with the goal of brand specialized in fresh fish which can contribute to area, will act as opinion of customer and request to be able to support to local.
In addition, we provide high quality marine products at affordable price by security to investigate domestic and foreign production centers thoroughly, and to pursue the freshness thoroughly, and to be able to eat in peace.

Shop information
Genre Fresh fish, sushi
Floor B2F (floor map)
TEL 044-211-4888
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card (we include ginren card) / electronic money / gift certificate
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  • sanjukenchohanekosanjosanjukenchohanekosanjo
  • sanjukenchohanekosanjosanjukenchohanekosanjo

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Mt. B2F/ assistant (fresh fish) sushi buffet

"Assistant is similar, and mountain" enforces "sushi buffet" B2F fresh fish.

This plan quite popular every time!

Any sushi you like

It is very advantageous with 1 kan 58 yen (tax-excluded), 10 kan 500 yen (tax-excluded).


As this becomes irregular holding, please refer directly in detail to store.


Mountain assistant (fresh fish) 044-211-4888