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Young bamboo

Okonomiyaki, thing has rich menus such as Yakisoba, rice thing, salad, single dish, fried food, snacks, dessert let alone roast, grilling foods on an iron plate.
Furthermore, as for the drink, beer sour, wine, cocktail is substantial with real shochu, soft drink. Room moarunodeyukkurookutsurogiitadakemasu.

Shop information
Genre Okonomiyaki, thing is roast, grilling foods on an iron plate
Floor 7F (floor map)
The number of seats 96 seats
TEL 044-200-7951
Business hours From 11:00 to 23:00 (L.O22:00)
Lunchtime from 11:00 to 15:00
Payment Credit card (we include ginren card) / electronic money / gift certificate
Others There is smoking section (area separation of smoking areas)
  • There is smoking section
  • Baby chair
  • Allergic indication
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • There is half private room
  • Foreign language menu
  • There is room
  • Young bambooYoung bamboo
  • Young bambooYoung bamboo
  • Young bambooYoung bamboo

Latest shop news


7F/ young bamboo "okonomiyaki sale extension of Daniel by favorable reception!"

In Kawasaki Station building and azalea underground shopping center

Do you remember that there was shop called "Daniel" of okonomiyaki?

It is ... with okonomiyaki wrapped in aluminum foil


The okonomiyaki,

In 7F young bamboo only on Tuesday, Friday,

It revives only in 30 a day!


One 300 yen

Two 580 yen

It is advantageous in a mass! Four 1,000 yen


※It becomes limited sale on Tuesday, Friday. Please be careful.

※All tax-included price

※For product taking away, it is not eatable in shop.

※We make telephone reservation. It is Tel: (more than four ...) 044-200-7951