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"Reliable" "security" pursues "it is delicious" every day in beef storehouse. We aim at the making of pleasant shop which can satisfy product from Kyushu to customer by wide assortment of goods and bright waiting on customers in main!

Shop information
Genre Meat
Floor B2F (floor map)
TEL 044-589-7123
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card (we include ginren card) / electronic money / gift certificate
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  • nikutokoushizonikutokoushizo
  • nikutokoushizonikutokoushizo

Latest shop news


Under B2F/ beef storehouse "sale on day of meat (meat) on 19th, 29th for every month nine days" conduct!

We carry out "day sale of meat" (meat) every month in "beef storehouse" on 29th on 9th, 19th!


On the day various products can purchase at limit more at reduced prices than stated value.

Furthermore, in addition to normal sale, we perform special time sale in opening and the evening.


You come to the store, and please use!