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Japanese big catch story kijima

You can have deluxe banquet dishes to be able to enjoy in family and friends. Of mind is correct
In special groups left in meeting, memory of noon in friends,
We offer hospitality in gorgeous room. Banquet of up to 56 people
We accept mo.

Shop information
Genre Japanese food
Floor 8F (floor map)
TEL 044-200-0550
Business hours From 11:00 to 23:00 (L.O21:30)
Lunchtime From 11:00 to 14:30
Payment Credit card / gift certificate
  • Japanese big catch story kijimaJapanese big catch story kijima
  • Japanese big catch story kijimaJapanese big catch story kijima
  • Japanese big catch story kijimaJapanese big catch story kijima
  • Japanese big catch story kijimaJapanese big catch story kijima

Latest shop news

2017.10.25 .WED

8F, big catch story kijima Kawasaki store / noon and night year-end party plan in Japan

●Low dining table of noon

We can fully enjoy taste of ground globefish
Low dining table (it blows) which fortune blows

Of 2680 yen per person (tax-excluded)

Six articles of dishes

●Dish simmered in of tiger pufferfish skin jells

●Chawanmushi with sesame globefish soft roe

●Sesame globefish and vegetables tempura

●Sesame globefish hotpot

●Stick sushi and nigiri sushi of globefish



※We change contents of 9 sho dish by season.
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●Night year-end party plan
You can enjoy noted product job or figure structure and beef shabu-shabu.

Marine products banquet dishes "sea sound" (worth today) (only as for the dish course)

※We make reservation than two people.
Of 5000 yen per person (tax-excluded)

Nine articles of dishes

●Seasonal appetizer

(we take white sesame cream tofu rouge potato sauce roasting stick sushi of boiled greens with dressing, sesame globefish of qing-geng-cai)
Marine products assortment

(job or figure structure, shellfish, big eye tuna, sea bream Ichiro, seasonal fish)

Shabu-shabu (one hotpot) of domestic beef

Deep-fried sesame globefish

Seasonal nigiri sushi


Selectable pan
For +1,000 yen (tax-excluded)
It is King of pan with shabu-shabu of domestic beef!

We can switch to purippurinotorafugu pan!

※We make reservation than two people

※Marine products assortment of photograph becomes in the bloom of four.
※By weather of the arrival of squid when there is not, may become other fish. Specifically, ask person in charge.
※Seasonal nigiri sushi may change contents by the situation of the stocking marine products assortment.
※Seasonal dish may change some contents for seasonal ingredients.
■Marine products assortment of marine products banquet dishes "is made with figure of fish" than two people - three people, and "figure structure of squid" is included than four people, but, in the case of two people, in the case of three people, can change in "figure structure of squid" for one +500 yen (tax-excluded) for one +1,000 yen (tax-excluded).

<very popular premium all-you-can-drink (120 minutes)>

Excellent sake is free to drink!

Plan with marine products banquet dishes "sea sound" PREMIUM all-you-can-drink
7,000 yen per person (tax-excluded)

We make reservation than two people



We have various year-end parties plan day and night.
Please enjoy seasonal taste by all means.