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Teller who does not become senile

Consultation is free again and again!
We can weigh approximately 35 insurance products, and insurance products which matched you are available.
It is relief in one that examines insurance for the first time as we explain from the basics of insurance. Person who is already taking out insurance confirms whether current insurance does not have overs and shorts. We support after consultation, application, contract with all efforts!
At this opportunity by all means to free consultation of "teller who does not become senile."

Offer agency: Window group which does not become dim

Shop information
Genre Insurance shop
Floor 5F (floor map)
TEL 044-230-4320
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
HP http://kawasaki-mores
  • Teller who does not become senileTeller who does not become senile

Latest shop news

2017.08.10 .THU

5F/ window "good thing of Japan" present campaign which does not become dim!

We get now

"Good thing of Japan" present!


In "tellers who do not become senile" during period until Sunday, October 1,

To 500 people by lot for free consultation of insurance to visitor of visit in total

"Northeastern rice" and "craftsman soy sauce of various parts of Japan"

We present "original cutting board".


In addition, is the first arrival at each store; "rayon dishcloth"

We present "magneT bar of flavor of forest".※


At this opportunity, do you not think about insurance?


※Available in limited quantities.