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Takoyaki, Akashi fried bee eight

Takoyaki, Akashi yaki burning hot gently which was particular about soup stock thoroughly


"Bee eight" which continues keeping taste of "takoyaki Kiyama" who is published in Michelin Guide Osaka faithfully.
We stew chicken Gara and approximately ten kinds of fruit, vegetables for four hours, and, with kelp and Japanese-style soup stock of bonito and specialite de la maison soup which we put together, the outside, please appreciate takoyaki which we baked during crunch gently.

Shop information
Genre Takoyaki, Akashi yaki
Floor B2F (floor map)
TEL 044-276-8857
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card (we include ginren card) / electronic money / gift certificate
Others ■Menu ※Price is tax-excluded
  • ・Standard …500 yen (eight)
    [takoyaki of type to bet nothing on]
  • ・Sauce & Mayo …550 yen (eight)
    [sauce mayonnaise topping]
  • ・Soy sauce & Mayo …550 yen (eight)
    [soy sauce, mayonnaise topping]
  • ・Sauce & green string lettuce …550 yen (eight)
    [sauce, green string lettuce topping]
  • ・Soy sauce & green string lettuce …550 yen (eight)
    [soy sauce, green string lettuce topping]
  • ・Dried pollack dried cod Mayo …550 yen (eight)
    [dried pollack dried cod Mayo topping]
  • ・Height of Article 9 green onion mega …680 yen (eight)
    [heaping bowlful of green onion to standard takoyaki]
  • ・Bee eight PREMIUM …1,080 yen (*4 four)
    [by standard sauce Mayo, soy sauce green string lettuce, for each four dried pollack dried cod Mayo]
  • ・Family pack …1,500 yen (24)
    [family pack of seasoning you like]
  • ・Specialty Akashi yaki …680 yen (eight)
    [with Akashi yaki, soup stock, red pickled ginger green onion]
  • ・Draft beer …380 yen
  • ・Soft drinks …150 yen
  • ・Highball …250 yen
  • Takoyaki, Akashi fried bee eightTakoyaki, Akashi fried bee eight
  • Takoyaki, Akashi fried bee eightTakoyaki, Akashi fried bee eight

Latest shop news

2017.07.24 .MON

We began B2F/ hachi eight "snow cone"

In takoyaki person "bee eight" of B2F,

Please try snow cone of texture by all means light.



◎Strawberry, melon, Blue Hawaii, Matcha

             For each 300 yen (tax-excluded)

 Condensed milk is with for +50 yen (tax-excluded)


◎Matcha adzuki bean & condensed milk     350 yen (tax-excluded)


※We offer small size 250 yen (tax-excluded) only for the use in shop.


We come to the store and wait.