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Do shoes which got used to wearing, favorite shoes not go bad? misuta-kurafutoman is shop revivifying such an important shoes.
Other than repair of shoes, we go until manufacture of duplicate key, repair of bag. Please feel free to contact.

Shop information
Genre Shoes repair, duplicate key
Floor 5F (floor map)
TEL 044-200-0071
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card / gift certificate
  • misuta-kurafutomanmisuta-kurafutoman
  • misuta-kurafutomanmisuta-kurafutoman

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5F/ Mr. craftsman "boots, shoes and we wash custody ‼"

Do boots and shoes which we wore in winter not lie in home?


Keep until autumn after washing such boots and shoes in water in Mr. craftsman, and having given water-repellent finishing; "wash boots, shoes, and is carrying out custody ‼" campaign!


Storage until up to nine months! Furthermore, shoes which we kept support home until delivery!