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Central contact lenses

It is store specializing in contact lenses of trust and the results. Contact lens and care supplies of first-class maker are good bargains. If there are central kontakutomemba-zuka-do and contact lenses prescription, the purchase of lenses is possible without waiting time.

Shop information
Genre Contact lens
Floor 4F (floor map)
TEL 044-245-1173
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card / electronic money / gift certificate
  • Central contact lensesCentral contact lenses
  • Central contact lensesCentral contact lenses

Latest shop news

2017.06.25 .SUN

4F/ center contact lenses "premium Friday campaign" conduct!

Three days limitation of from Friday, June 30 to Sunday, July 2

Target product is 20%OFF how!


It is chance of bulk buying!

Please buy at this opportunity♪


We wait for visit!