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Central contact lenses

It is store specializing in contact lenses of trust and the results. Contact lens and care supplies of first-class maker are good bargains. If there are central kontakutomemba-zuka-do and contact lenses prescription, the purchase of lenses is possible without waiting time.

Shop information
Genre Contact lens
Floor 4F (floor map)
TEL 044-245-1173
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card / electronic money / gift certificate
  • Central contact lensesCentral contact lenses
  • Central contact lensesCentral contact lenses

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4F/ center contact lenses "wearing liquid sale" holding!


... that contact lens idles around.

... that it is hard to seem that lenses are clouded.


Do you not depend only on eyewash in such a case?


Precaution to be usable with eyewash! It is wearing liquid!


Veil of wearing liquid protects contact lenses from feeling and cloudy weather rumblingly!


Let's experience clear view by all means at this opportunity.


◆Sale period from Tuesday, May 1 to Thursday, May 31