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CARAVAN coffee

It is hand drip by one cup of coffee beans shipped directly by roast factory of Sachiura, Yokohama carefully.
It is store specializing in coffee having you enjoy coffee slowly. There is sale of coffee beans, too.

Shop information
Genre Cafe, coffee beans sale
Floor B2F (floor map)
TEL 044-272-5935
Business hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Payment Credit card (we include ginren card) / electronic money / gift certificate
Others Smoking permitted (five seats of smoking sections, non-smoking seat 20 seats)
  • CARAVAN coffeeCARAVAN coffee
  • CARAVAN coffeeCARAVAN coffee
  • CARAVAN coffeeCARAVAN coffee

Latest shop news

2017.04.13 .THU

B2F/ CARAVAN coffee "the receipt presentation of the Daiso 10%OFF!"

To B2F CARAVAN coffee

When you have purchase receipt of 4F/5F the Daiso on that day

It is coffee beans sale 10%OFF eating and drinking!


One cup of one cup, vaunted coffee and foods menu to serve carefully are fulfilling!

We offer smoking space of complete separation of smoking areas.

Please drop in casually.


※Only receipt is effective on the day.

※It becomes service of Kawasaki mowers shop-limited.

※We change this service without notice and may be finished.