ECO, local contribution

ECO, Regional contribution

About approach to ECO

LED light

We are changing lighting such as common use departments in hall to LED.

We can reduce approximately 70%, and energy consumption thereby lasts a long time approximately 10 times in comparison with halogen ball.

[ECO] LED light

Saving water restroom

A part of the restroom in hall introduces toilet of saving water type. In this way, we contribute to large saving water.

7F ladies' room

Eco-chief exercise

We gather plastic bottle chiefs and reduce "CO2" by making "recycling" and give children of developing countries vaccine with sale gain that we got by recycling of cap.

※We establish collection BOX at B2F azalea entrance.

→We finish collection of eco-cap on May 31, 2018.

[ECO] Eco-cap

Advantageous eco-information of specialty store
3F/6F "book off supermarket bazaar" We buy book, CD, DVD, game and clothes, noble metal.
4F "Kitamura" We buy used camera.
5F "Mr. craftsman"

Shoes and store specializing in repair of bag. We contribute to Eco by having you use thing for a long time.

5F "Ann co-ton" Store specializing in rectification of clothes. We accept rectification served of kimono and clothes.

About approach to local contribution

Celebrity charity votive tablet exhibition

We gather the cause of cooperation of Inage Kanja, votive tablets of handwriting by famous various places of various fields including entertainer, politician, athlete, cultured person and display every year.

If you like, we can purchase by bid, and the gain is contributed to Great East Japan Earthquake stricken area.

[local contribution] Votive tablet exhibition

We work on cleaning

The Kawasaki mowers staff cleans neighbor 4 times a year. We try for local beautification as part of eco-activity.

[local contribution] We work on cleaning